Speech is an articulated form of human communication and it based on synaptic combination of lingual and names that are drawn from large vocabularies. Human speakers (cryptologist) are often able to communicate in two or more of them. Writing speech in many ways like writing on paper or in soft form electronically, excluding that there is no penalty of spelling and punctuation errors. When you are writing a speech for you then try to use those words which you can pronounce in comfortable way. If you don’t know the meaning of any word then exclude it from speech because these factors can break your concentration and lead you toward less fluent delivery of speech. If you want to write an effective speech either for your college seminar or for any event in your institute or for your convocation, there are some simple but effective tips by following them you can write a perfect and impressive speech.

  1. First of all you should evaluate how much time of your speech should take. If you have limited time then try to keep your speech brief & concise but yet informative.
  2. Inquire about your audience and let your perception about audience then shape the tone of your speech according to audience as to maintain audience interest and attention.
  3. Start your speech with an introduction that reflects about you like who you are, why you are here, what your purpose is, why you will be talking about it and how much time you are going to take. You can also include a joke, anecdote or any interesting fact to grab and maintain audience’s attention.
  4. Prepare some key points, you can organize your information into 3-7 key points and prioritize them according to importance and effectiveness.
  5. After completion of speech proof read it and delete all extra points that are not crucial for your speech in case if you have too much material for your speech according to your time frame.
  6. Write your speech in chronological order. Start your speech with most important point, then go forward with least important point and move slowly towards most important points. Try to keep balance between most important and less important points to grab attention of audience. For example if you have 7-8 points then keep the most important point at number 1 & 2 then keep least important points on number 3 &4 etc. in order to give effective presentation of your speech.
  7. Try to support your each point with the help of statistic facts and figures, examples, interesting short stories, quotations and all other supportive material.
  8. Link all points of your speech with each other like you should link your introduction, body points of speech and conclusion together in smooth transition.
  9. At the end conclude your whole speech such as you can summarize all main points of your speech from start to end to leave your audience with a lasting impression.


  1. Your introduction should contain total 10-15% part of your total speech and conclusion should make up 5-10%.
  2. If you are preparing your speech in hand writing then make it sure that it is easily readable and if you want to take print then take it in large and clear letter.
  3. Rehearse your speech many times before delivering it to maintain confidence and fluency.
  4. If you are going to deliver a great deal of information then support your information with handout and visual aids to help your audience to remember your points. Trim your speech if possible.