Without any doubt the American educational system has many advantages such as flexible curriculum, variety of courses, transfer choices, study abroad opportunities. This is not the end there are many more advantages. However for some students, the dream of studying in Europe is just as strong as their wish to obtain an American degree. A few students may wish to learn a foreign language while traveling through Europe without compromising their university education. Others may wish to study in Europe, but they have not gain necessary knowledge of language requirements to do so at a European university. And there might be many more looking for a way to stay at home while obtaining an American degree.

The simple and straight solution is to attend an American university in Europe. Here is a list of universities that follow the American higher education system. Most of these universities offer academic degrees and are accredited by US commissions and local country authorities.


Webster University Vienna


Boston University Brussels – Graduate Programs 

Vesalius College 


American Graduate School of International Relations and Diplomacy 

American University in Paris 

Georgia Institute of Technology Lorraine 

Parsons School of Design, Paris 

Schiller International University Paris 

Schiller International University Strasbourg 


Jacobs University Bremen 

Schiller International University Germany 

Touro College Berlin – The American College in Berlin 


American College of Greece 

American College of Thessaloniki 

American University of Athens 

Hellenic American University 


American College Dublin


American University of Rome 

John Cabot University in Rome 

Johns Hopkins University SAIS 

St John’s University 


Webster University in Leiden 


Saint Louis University 

Schiller International University Madrid 

Suffolk University


American Graduate School of Business

Franklin College in Switzerland 

International University in Geneva – Business School

Schiller International University 

Webster University in Geneva

The United Kingdom

American Intercontinental University

Huron University – USA in London

Regent’s American College London

Richmond, The American International University in London

Schiller International University London

Webster Graduate School London