Getting your readers to subscribe to your content has become more and more tricky. People won’t settle for mediocre content that clogs up their email folders anymore. They would rather see content that resonates with them on a personal level, and making that content has become a challenge in itself. There are a few ways in which you can ease a reader into subscribing to your blog or a website by using some simple techniques.

Be honest about it

It’s completely normal to want people to subscribe to your blog – it’s a win-win situation. People get regular content that they will enjoy and you get more subscribers on your mailing list. So why not be open about it? Tell your readers exactly what they are getting if they give you their information. Be as transparent as possible and don’t use their emails for anything other than internal communication between you.

Create quality content

The content you offer will speak volumes about what kind of a blogger you are. If your content is able to connect to your readers, they will willingly give you their emails and ask for more content as soon as possible. Give yourself some time in-between posts, articles and content creation – think carefully about the niche you are operating in. Ask your readers for input if you need any but don’t spam your blog with poor content just to stay consistent.

Opt-in link

Including a sign-up link on your articles will help the readers subscribe as easily as possible. They should be able to see your sign-up link at the end of each article or a post and quickly be able to move on with their web surfing.

Don’t make the process overly complicated and ask for confirmations or multiple-page sign-ups. Ask for the bare minimum information you need in order for the person to subscribe to your content and be content with what you are getting. People are far more willing to subscribe if it’s easy and straightforward rather than convoluted and confusing.

Special rewards access

Giving people exclusive access to special content if they are subscribed is a perfect way to get them to do exactly that. Just thinking about “special content” makes you intrigued, and people love that psychological effect of being special among the crowd.

Creating some extra content like behind-the-scenes videos, extra articles or posts or special trivia and giveaways for those who are subscribed will work perfectly in your favor. Think about what content works best for your own blog and work your way towards special members’ page from there. You can even include a Patreon page or a Donate button if you so desire, but that’s another matter entirely.

Use a strict schedule

Being lazy about your content will land you nowhere. Getting more subscribers is all about creating content that revolves around a strict schedule and trust between you and your readers. If you promise them an article every Friday evening at 8 PM, you should deliver on your word. If you have too much work on your hands you can always contact a professional service and ask for help with creating your content. This will create a psychological sense of security and get people to subscribe to your content much more willingly.

Pull strategy

You might have heard about “Push” and “Pull” strategies already but don’t have an idea what’s that all about. A Pull strategy basically means listing all of the benefits a customer (or a subscriber) can get from the content you are providing them in exchange for their email and contact info – and leaving it at that. No special links, no begging them to subscribe. The psychology behind Pull strategies is actually rather clever.

You will make the people want to give you their information by letting them see what they can get instead of directly communicating your intention to get subscribers. A Push strategy is the same but in reverse, asking the people to subscribe. Do whatever you think is best for your blog, but more and more corporate enterprises are opting for a user-friendly Pull strategy and it works marvelously.

Use social media

Being present on as many platforms as possible is the key to being noticed. You can easily run separate Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages for your blog and post content everywhere at once, linking it back to your blog. This will create a sense of belonging with the reader and make your community feel like a family rather than a lonely blogger asking for more followers. Create profiles on as many platforms as possible and you will reach a much higher number of potential subscribers.

Be friendly and chatty

People will start commenting on your posts sooner or later. While some people will love you and ask for more content, others will be dismissive and leave negative comments. It’s important to be a diplomat in these situations and make the most out of the situation. Think of all the negative comments you might get as objectively as possible and try to see past the negativity and look for useful information.

Any comments you get might help you deliver even better content and get more subscribers in the process. Talking to your readers and fans is the number one priority of anyone who calls themselves a blogger – it’s a two-way street. If you stop communicating, so will the readers, and you don’t want to experience that silence.

In the end

Getting people to subscribe is all about getting them to trust you. If you can overcome the barrier of an unknown blogger and give people something to relate to, your fan base can become truly special. Do whatever you think is best for your blog and start steering the proverbial ship in the right direction. The right subscribers will find you by themselves and stick with you no matter what.