­­­­ Ernest Hemingway would have been a great blogger. American students have read at least one of his works when in high school – The Old Man and the Sea. And anyone who has read this book knows that the author was a master of simple, clear, precise language with as few adverbs and adjectives as possible. Good bloggers are a lot like Hemingway, and your continued work to maintain your fashion blog will boost your writing skills in many ways.

Ideas Get Structure

Creative ideas can be messy. And fashion bloggers are creative people. When you talk about your ideas, they begin to take shape. When you force yourself to write about them, the structure becomes even better. You will learn to go from a great idea to a finely-tuned piece of writing that is logical in its flow and very clear in its message.

Of course, this takes practice. A beginning blogger tends to have a tough time writing a great post. Over time, however, s/he studies other great bloggers, keeps practicing, and refines those unique skills that are required for crafting posts.

Editing and Proofreading Become a Natural Activity

No good writer ever considers his/her work finished the first time a piece is finished. There are often several, if not numerous, re-reads, re-writes, and final polishing. Bloggers will learn to do this because they will come to understand that their reputation and the growth of their readership depends upon good writing. There is thus a huge motivation to make every post well-written, engaging, and exciting to read. This requires almost “over-thinking,” and editing to a fault sometimes, but better that than too little.

Routine Writing = Improvement

When we were in college, the writing was a routine thing. Of course, it was and still is academic writing, and that has been truly difficult for students who struggle with grammar and composition – so difficult that many have had to turn to writing services to get the help they need. Over time, however, as they studied the good writing they got and began to practice on their own, they got better.

Blogging is a very different type of writing. And any blogger who thinks that, because s/he got good grades for academic writing, blogging will be a “piece of cake,” is very much mistaken. Yes, the grammar and composition must be perfect. But the style and tone are wholly different – it is conversational, informal, and entertaining.

Fashion bloggers have lots of “meat” to be informal and entertaining. Their topics are of interest to a large segment of Internet users. By setting up a routine schedule of creating posts and giving themselves the time to edit and improve them, their blog-style writing skills get better. Getting better means posts are easier to write; and when they are easier to write, more will be written.

Clarity and Simplicity

Even Shakespeare was aware of the need to make his scripts clear and simple for the audience he had. While the modern reader finds his plays difficult to read and understand, his audience of the time, commoners of London, did not. He wrote for them.

It’s easy, especially as a fashion blogger, to get carried away with flowery, descriptive writing – the style of writing that is commonly found in poetry and sympathy cards. But fashion does not have to be an industry filled with those adverbs and adjectives that Hemmingway hated. Fashion can be made simple for an audience that really does want it simple and direct – millennials.

Given that millennials are the largest fashion retail consumer demographic today, it only makes sense to get “into their heads” and meet them on their own turf. And this is what all blogger do. They study their target audience and they learn to write for them.

And a note about reading levels: Even though a large proportion of Millennials are college grads, this does not mean that language should be sophisticated. In fact, it should not. Research shows that blog posts that utilize a 7th-grade reading level are best.

When you begin to “tone down” your reading level, you will engage more people; when more people are engaged, they will share.

Those Openers

Fashion bloggers are creatives. But they often make the mistake of getting right down to business when they craft blog posts. As you become more familiar with the style of blog writing, and as you become more familiar with the needs of your readers, you will find ways to craft amazing and compelling titles and openers that will grab their attention immediately.

Putting It All Together

Here’s the thing with blogging. It is a unique type of writing, to be sure. It has to be simple and clear; the reading level must be at the middle school level; the needs of the target audience must be considered at all times. All of this does not mean, however, that good writing is sacrificed.

Maintaining a fashion blog means tapping into the needs of your audience; it means that grammar, sentence structure, and punctuation must be impeccable; it means that a piece must have a logical flow and a structure that makes sense to the reader. And it means that creativity should not be sacrificed.

Does blogging boost your writing skills? Absolutely. But the tone and style are not the same as they are for the academic writing you may have encountered in school. Simplifying your writing, and yet ensuring that the basics of good writing are still present, will be your challenge. As you practice, however, you will only get better.