After preparation of speech its delivering is a curtail step because it needs too much practice. Only an effective written speech is not necessary its delivering style makes it successful or not. Delivering style of speech relates to basic communication principle like tonality, pitch, pronunciation, facial and non-verbal expressions. Your body language also has great contribution in delivering style of speech. Therefore mastering your tone and body language is a useful formula for successful delivery of speech. Here are some important points for you if you keep them in mind then you can adopt a successful speech delivering style:

  1. Try to approach all types of people you will be presenting. Some factors like gender, age, political association, religious faith and personal interests can affect the language and style of speech.
  2. You should step toward the podium confidently and put your notes in proper place where you can easily see them.
  3. You should choose fascinating words that sound importance of your sentences without explaining anything. Try to choose commanding language to express your authority like instead of saying “I wish you may” you can say “I recommend you”.
  4. You can address the audience with second person “You” to give an impression to audience that they are the part of your presentation.
  5. You should use jargons according to your audience to establish a strong affiliation such as if you are delivering speech to group of health professionals then try to use medical terminology (language).
  6. Keep the language of your speech simple and concise and avoid from complicated sentences & big words. This will help your audience to easily understand your speech. Grasp the audience attention by keeping your communication action oriented. Try to use specific nouns and verbs in your sentences.
  7. You should stand straight on your feet, visualize audience, take a little pause and begin speaking. If there is no microphone then deliver speech with your diaphragm not with your throat.
  8. Set the appropriate tone, facial expression and articulation for introduction. Make permanent eye contact with audience in different parts like from front row to beck row.
  9. After stating all key points allow the audience to absorb all information by taking a little pause to provide time to audience. Always use relaxed and natural facial expressions and body language to emphasize on certain points.
  10. Pronounce all words clearly and accurately. Try to use different pitch and volumes to emphasize on certain points.
  11. Take periodic glances of your notes to refresh your memory but avoid from continuous reading from notes unless you need to read long quotations.
  12. End your speech by showing your obligations toward audience and then confidently exit stage.
  13. Jokes are important for speech to keep your speech interesting and to grab the audience attention. You should rehearse your speech again and again in front of mirror or your friends & family to gain confidence.