Herbalist is a person who gets knowledge of herbal medicine by healing the properties of plants as it is commonly practiced by Chinese and western culture. Historical records show that study of herbs is an ancient knowledge and dates back over 5000 years to Sumerians among earliest civilization of world. This traditional practice of herbalism still remains in modern society of China as Chinese herbology for exemplification. Diseases hassle people today and the modern people are in search of kinder and gentler way to cure disease therefore now there is a movement towards alternative methods to heal disease and bad conditions. One of the most safer and popular approach is herbalism. If you want to become a professional herbalist then you are right because you will find it an amazing and entire time growing career.


Develop your aestheticism in herbalism because you can join training in herbal studies without having essentials but if you have basic understanding of herbs and other agricultural systems that can allow as a helping hand in future. If you are still in high school then you should pay attention on your biology classes. Similarly if you are interested in other aspects of science and passion of out door environment or nature-loving then you can engage in this career path.


You can pursue career in herbalism formally or informally. It is totally depending on the way in which you determined for practice in herbalism like:

If you want to accompanying recognition as a “folk herbalist” with limited or informal group of people (like native people) then you should find out standards that are set by this group and fulfill them. If you have a wish to become “professional herbalist” with broad and recognized credentials then there are a lot of courses and diplomas which are offered by world’s leading universities and other educational institutions. You can join any course or diploma and work towards it. You should verify in advance about your selected course work that it can be applied towards certification by peer-reviewed organization like:

a)  The Natural Healing College “Master Herbalist & Holistic Health Practitioner
b) The American Herbalist Guild, “Registered Herbalist (RH) designation.
c) National Institute of Medical Herbalists (UK).
d) The National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM) “Diploma in Oriental Medicine” or “Diploma in Chinese Herbology designation”.
e)You can also adopt herbalism career as “naturopathic physician” after passing series of authentic exams and fulfilling academic & clinical requirements similar to medical doctors.

If you want to get training as a herbalist then choose your situation wisely because you may want to stay in your own town or city but always remember that the competition in herbalist career is likes to be fierce.