Project is a combination of different activities and designing a project for your school’s science fair can’t be boring. You can consolidate your project or assignment with your own interests. Cosmetic science possess a great deal of research and experiment; you can see a lot of ingredients only at the packaging of lipstick. Therefore diverse combination of different ingredients provides a considerable potential in cosmetic science projects.  The world of cosmetics involves careful analysis of formulas and observation of their after effects of chemical agents for safety so this growing field has been linked with organic chemistry.

Cosmetic chemistry has same interest and attraction for vocation and serious chemistry students. Cosmetic chemistry has some interesting possibilities for science fair projects due to demulsifiers & solvents to stabilizers & antioxidants.


You can examine ingredients of different shampoos both expensive and inexpensive. You can examine it by changing genetic hair quality of users. These all examinations lead toward the discovery of real chemical effects on hairs. Hair cosmetics include shampoo, hair conditioner, hair spray, jell, hair dyes etc. These all products have composition of various chemicals and you can conduct research on all ingredients to find out their after effects and replacements.


You can compare different lip care products like lip gloss and through experimentation compare its thickening agents, solvents and emulsifiers. If you chart out chemical reaction with other homemade mixtures then you can get perfect analysis of its delicate and complicated balance among chemical compounds.


Make-up sciences project is very interesting for students because some make-up combinations are more flexible for bacterial growth than others. Make-up compositions include different testing agents like active metals such as copper used in hair dyes and lotions. If you observe their effects on proteins then you can get graphing and some interesting scientific results.


Various products like soaps, perfumes, body creams and hair coloring formulas have composition of natural ingredients. These all products provide a vast area to students for research on these ingredients. You can get procedures by visiting natural and organic products manufacturer websites. Organic chemistry deals with different key ingredients for cosmetics industry are usually found in their own backyards such as almond oil, honey, peppermint, beeswax, caster oil and lavender.